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May 12 2022: an epic day for founders and decision makers of platforms and marketplaces where we meet and inspire each other with remarkable stories from the industry.


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Mark your agenda for May 12 2022: Platform Day is going to be a day not to forget. Meet 150-200 C-level professionals who come to exchange their experiences with platforms and marketplaces.

May 12 2022

Fact: 100% of the attendees of the previous edition of Platform Day indicated they would like to attend again.

Laurens Groenendijk

JustEat, Treatwell, Hiber

We signed some amazing keynote speakers such as Laurens Groenendijk (JustEat, Treatwell, Hiber) and Mark Gombert (Royal FloraHolland) who will both share their experiences in creating and growing a marketplace. And not just a marketplace: Royal FloraHolland is the largest digital marketplace for floriculture… and who hasn’t heard of JustEat?

Laurens Groenendijk

JustEat, Treatwell, Hiber

Mark Gombert

Royal FloraHolland

Mark Gombert

Royal FloraHolland

Dr. Roeland Dietvorst

Lead Behavioral Scientist at NN

Outside of our awareness, many spontaneous neural processes are involved in how we judge value and make decisions. With modern brain scanning techniques we can see how our brains reconstruct reality internally, and how this internal representation guides behavior. Dr. Roeland Dietvorst will take us to the frontlines of the field of neuroscience, and demonstrate how brain science can help improve your product offerings and communication.

Break-out sessions

Gain deeper insight

In-between the keynote sessions, visitors will attend focussed break-out sessions in smaller groups.

Want to learn more about our key topics Security, Development, Internationalisation, Marketing, Legal, Payments and Funding? Then make sure to check out our full program, buy a ticket and attend Platform Day 2022!

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